GEOSmart Express Loan Program Now Features EnerBank Mobile App

Our partners at EnerBank USA have an exciting new offering, and one that will simplify how contractors enrolled in the EGIA GEOSmart Express Loan Program get their customers approved for home improvement financing: the EnerBank Mobile App.

At EGIA, we’ve long found that the most successful contractors are able to provide customers financing options with every sale; if it’s easy for the customer to understand, and simple for them to get approved, even better. Available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, the new app from EnerBank USA delivers another paperless option to streamline the process of getting customers that financing.

Once the program phone number, contractor ID and loan code have been entered, the app simply displays the loan templates that have been created by the contractor – designed around the specific loan options they have selected – allowing the customer to view a number of payment options and get approved for the plan of choice, all from the mobile app. Contractor financing options have never been easier to curate, present to the customer, and get approved!

If you’re already enrolled in the GEOSmart Express Loan Program, visit to learn more and download the app. If you still need to get signed up to offer the GEOSmart Express Loan Program through EnerBank to your customers, simply call 866-797-7343 and speak to an EGIA financing services representative who can get you started today. A leading contractor financing option, the GEOSmart Express Loan Program highlights include:

  • •Unsecured installment loans to $45,000
  • •Fixed APR promotions from 0%-6.99%
  • •Terms to 12 years
  • •No interest/ no payment options to 24 months
  • •No interest with equal monthly payment options available
  • •Quick and easy paperless application process

To learn more about the GEOSmart Express Loan Program through EnerBank, click here.