Core Curriculum – Affiliate

Below you will find an overview of the core classes provided through EGIA Contractor University. All classes are provided both in-person and online. Classes are available on Sales, Financial Structure, Pricing, Marketing, Operations, Customer Service, Service Agreements, Leadership and more. The online classes feature high definition streaming videos and a learning management system that requires all participants to demonstrate their total comprehension of the various lessons, each step of the way, before progressing through the rest of the training curriculum.


Leadership Training

Owners and managers work through a model of success to grow, and demonstrate a leadership structure that facilitates growth, presented with examples. The focal points are in showing how to move from an entrepreneurial company to a process-driven business that can operate without its primary owners present. The objectives are outlining how to accomplish that end by defining a plan, empowering others, creating structure without costs, and setting up yearly, monthly, weekly and daily activity and reporting.

Prosperity Mindset Training

Learn how to develop a prosperity mindset that delivers transformational business results and allows you to thrive and prosper in the face of any adversity. Whether the challenge is the economy, cheap competitors or personal difficulty, you will learn how to become an unbeatable and unstoppable force to be reckoned with in the marketplace.

In-Home Sales Training

During this class, students will learn to easily overcome the most common homeowner objections such as “I want three bids”, “I want a cheaper price” and “I need to think about it.” This comprehensive program is hands down the most powerful and effective program ever developed to help residential HVAC contractors consistently generate more sales leads, sell high-margin/high-efficiency solutions to homeowners and dramatically increase revenue.

Technician Communication & Selling Training

Learn and roleplay the communication process, social styles and personalities, how to get along well and how to improve building customer relationships to improve your brand. We also cover in depth the consumer behaviors, interests, questioning technique, sales process and selling techniques, and how to use them all. Technicians will be provided with the knowledge and materials to help them sell more equipment, create more leads, create more accessory sales, and sell more maintenance agreements.

Marketing, Branding & Lead Generation Training

Discover how to develop a successful marketing plan, marketing calendar, lead and sales forecasts and how to create quality leads. Learn how to develop a memorable and consistent brand your business, as well as create effective marking advertisements that reach your target market and yield an effective return on investment.

Service Agreement Training

Review in detail the structure of a service agreement program. We provide the forms, materials, and necessary structure to implement and execute a top performing service agreement process. You will discover how to control and ensure profitable growth and generate quality leads.

Service Management Operations Training

Learn how to get your service department to become a measurable profit center, capture more service calls, and maintain proper service levels. Discover how to set the proper benchmarks for success and implement the proper process and procedures to ensure you meet your performance goals.

Customer Service & Dispatching Training

Learn how to develop a customer service focused culture and implement core values to support superior customer service in all operations. Discover how to define your company brand experience and brand promise, then align the business to deliver on that promise every time.

Financial Structure Training

Learn how to get accurate and timely financial numbers so your business can grow without losing control. We review financial terms; the chart of accounts for our trades based on GAAP; cash accounting versus accrual and why; the basics of inventory systems; income statement basics; departmental to GP line; balance sheet; and cash flow statement. We also review key performance indicators by segment.

Pricing Training

We review every approach to pricing to ensure your pricing strategy is cost-based and designed to properly produce acceptable gross profit dollars to recover overhead. Contractors will learn the difference between gross profit dollars and gross margins, how to target profitability by business segment, and how to increase cash flow to allow growth. We review divisor, multiplier, markup, gross profit per crew by day and hour, breakeven and dual overhead pricing methods. We will also discuss the idea of aligning a company brand to a market price, and acceptance of the price versus just cost and profit.